Two Days to Portland!

Small bag of blueberries in the handlebars

It seems like a mad dash across New England--Tuesday morning Hans and Mike left Albany, NY and tonight's post on Facebook of a super-sized salad for serious cyclists is from Keene, NH! Somewhere along the way today, WWLP TV 22 from Chicopee, MA caught up with Mike and Hans en route to Keene and did a great Shared Vision Quest interview.

I can't wait to find out what kind of mileage these guys have been doing since leaving Buffalo, NY Saturday morning, because their text message tonight reports that they will be in Manchester, NH tomorrow, and due into Portland, ME sometime on Friday, after nearly 42 days of riding and nearly 4000 miles! Mike and Hans will spend the night in Portland and then continue on to Lubec, where they hope to finish at Quoddy Head, the easternmost point of the continental US!

Although this is definitely a dream for both Mike and Hans, the Shared Vision Quest Coast to Coast adventure is to raise money for retinal research to find a sure for cone-rod dystrophy like Mike has. Be sure to donate to support this effort!

#BlindMikeonaBike Coast to Coast ;-)

Coast-to-Coast Cyclists cross Mississippi

Mike Robertson looking into the water crossing the Mississippi River

Shared Vision Quest coast-to-coast cyclists Hans Breaux and Mike Robertson crossing the Mississippi River in Minnesota yesterday, on their way to Milwaukee Wisconsin as part of their trek on the Adventure Cycling route. This coast-to-coast bicycle adventure was inspired by both rider's desire to take a continental bicycle tour, and Mike's desire, "not to live a life of mere existence," as someone who is legally blind from a retinal disease. Part of the adventure is to raise money for retina research at Boston's Massachusetts Eye and Ear through the Shared Vision Quest GoFundMe campaign.

Closing in on 2000 miles for the journey, so far, Mike and Hans recounted some of their adventures to date in this TV interview from WDAY 6 in Sand Point Idaho, and spoke about their mission on this cross-country bike tour, to encourage people of all abilities to seek out others with shared dreams, and get it done. Hans and Mike were also quick to point out the lighter side of their journey, in the most recent Shared Vision Quest Diary from the Road, where they recount going over the handlebars in Idaho, rattle snakes on the side of the road, saline infusions for heat exhaustion, riding in 108 degree heat, and 120 mile days on a bicycle!

Both riders have their sites set on crossing Lake Michigan by Ferry and continuing their journey to Lubec, Maine, the easternmost point in the continental US. by mid August.


Fargo, ND and Little Falls, MN

Hans and Mike standing with two other bicyclists in the morning fog

Mike and Hans are making up for lost time last week in Idaho when the weather was so hot, putting in 100+ mile days. Shared Vision Quest is one day from Minneapolis following a couple days of rail trails through Great Falls, MN.

Check out this great news feature from July 17, in Fargo, ND Mike really has a powerful message he is sharing about people getting together with differing abilities to make their shared dreams come true!

Movin' to Montana soon...

Mike Robertson standing under a sign that reads, "Welcome to Idaho"

On the Facebook post that accompanies this picture, Mike used the hashtag #BBlindMikeonaBike to accompany his comments about the poor condition of the roads in Idaho. Mike and Hans were due to cross through Sandpoint, Idaho last evening. This blogger called the local Sandpoint Lions Club and even contacted the local Daily Bee newspaper but it looks like the only memories of Idaho are going to be the poor road conditions, and a wonderful bag of bean sprouts to munch while riding into Montana.